Here are the reasons NOT to train your team at the dealership:

  1.  We don’t have the time to train
  2. Manager’s don’t understand the training so they can’t enforce and support the team training
  3. It’s expensive
  4. Turnover is high, so we lose team members we invested in
  5. Productivity decreases while team members are out of the store and on the road training
  6. Bringing trainers in-house is HYPER-Expensive
  7. Management and the team will get MOTIVATED for a day and then dry up
  8. Can’t find decent and affordable training
  9. No one logs into training and actually does eLearning
  10. COVID 19 … enough said…




We have a dream to build the most affordable and largest library of online automotive training available on the market. We’ve started with the critical areas of sales, f&i and social media advertising.


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